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We laugh… a lot. We try not to take things too seriously, but we mean business when it comes to capturing your most important moments. We believe it’s alllllll about the client experience, and strive to provide memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Edited Photos by DXB Creative

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61-before 61-aftershoot
41-before 41-aftershoot
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8-before 8-aftershoot
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1-before 1-aftershoot

The Aftershoot unicorns changed my life. As a professional photographer and photography educator, time is my most valuable asset. Now, we've got this editing program that's basically having a mini-me who knows how to cull and edit photos in a fraction of the time. Seriously, where has this program been all my life?! The time I've gotten back has allowed me to reinvest in growing creativity, marketing my business and coaching photographers. If you're still manually culling and editing like it's 1999, do yourself a favour and take the unicorns for a spin instead!

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