Marc Prades

About Marc Prades

Since I photographed the first wedding, I realized the importance of immortalizing these moments, since they will be memories for a lifetime. You are going to cry, to laugh, to get emotional, to enjoy and I want to capture all the moments so that I can always relive them. I'll tell you a little about who I am, I was born on Music Day, November 22, in a small town Rossell, where I wouldn't change my childhood for anything in the world. No matter how much effort my mother made to become a musician, in the end another art conquered me: photography. Now I have the responsibility of photographing weddings and I give my all in each photograph to show all the feelings that are experienced on your big day.

Edited Photos by Marc Prades

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Thanks to Aftershoot I have an edition that is more similar to mine and I have very few touch-ups to make.

Marc Prades