About Rachel

"First off, I gotta say how much I love people. Like. A lot. I love meeting new people and getting to know different stories. It makes me so happy when I connect with someone over Harry Potter or our love for candy. I love people being authentic. I believe all the weirdness is what makes you You. My goal as a photographer is to capture YOU. My favorite compliment to receive about my photography goes along the lines of “you captured our silliness so perfectly.” In your session, I won’t tell you to tilt your chin slightly to the right and breathe through your teeth. Instead, I’ll tell you to tickle your partner or hold your daughter upside down or get all close and cuddly. I’ll dance with you and make poop jokes. I’ll be a fly on the wall as you play with cars or make pancakes. I’ll watch the scene unfold and I’ll capture it as naturally as I can. Being a photographer is a culmination of everything that I love: watching people be silly, telling stories, making memories, adventuring in the great outdoors, playing with strangers’ kids, not wearing shoes, and eating donuts.

Edited Photos by Rachel

3-before 3-aftershoot
2-before 2-aftershoot
1-before 1-aftershoot

I save so much time culling and editing with Aftershoot! All that extra time goes towards building client relationships, booking more shoots, and editing even more thoroughly in Photoshop. Even better, I can spend more time with my family!